We offer quality and reasonable professional electronics engineering solutions to building electronics, product research and electronics products since 1996.

Who we are

Started in 1996 by an Electronics and Comunications Engineer providing Electronics, Information Technology, and Communications equipment. Also Providing engineering services to various developing institutions and communities.

Lately, the institution accepted outsource tasks in the field of Web Developing and product research.

We serve clients both local and international level.

What we do

Bon Mark Electronics is currently providing Professional Electronics Engineering Services as defined under RA 9292 . Particularly, design, sign and seal of Electronics Plans and Permits.

Contracting of building electronics tasks.

We also offer IT support  for web hosting, website design, and deployment for businesses and other organizations.

We carry general electronics products, as well as special products sales.

Our Philosophy

We believe in helping one another for community development.

We seek to provide the most efficient solutions and good balance of quality and cost for our clients. Helping homes and businesses become more cost efficient and productive is our primary goal.

Responsible sustainable community development is in the core of our mission.


Electronics Engineering under the Philippines Laws and Practice encompasses all activities and processes related to Electronics and Information Communications Technology as provided in Sec. 5 of RA 9292. We can provide certain few services in those vast areas.

Building Electronics Documentary Services

We provide Electronics Engineering services in the design and implementation of building electronics to include sign and seal of documents required in Building permits as required by the Office of Building Officials (OBO) under joint memorandum 2018-01 issued by the DILG, DPWH, DICT, and DTI pursuant to the Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP) and other applicable laws.

Information Communciations Technologies

We provide sales and services for Wired and Wireless Local Area Networks(LAN/WIFI), Internet Access points with Cloud Key controls, Servers and work stations devices and peripherals, Building Telephone Systems (PBX/PABX), Intercoms, Public Address Systems, Wireless communications systems using two way radios, Radio links for IP Applications, and Radio Broadcast Stations.

Structured Cabling Services

We offer  Structured Cabling Services for  Wired (LAN) Networks, Wireless Networks (WIFI), Private Branch Exchange Telephone Network (PBX/PABX), Intercom, Fire Detection and Alarm Services, Cable Television (MATV/CATV), Distributed Antenna System (GSM/3G/4G) and CCTV other electronics applications in commerial buildings and residences.

Fire Detection and Alarm Services

We supply and install Fire Detectiona and Alarm Systems in both home and Commercial Buildings. We can provide options for Adressable and conventional Systems. We cater supplies , installation, testing and commissioning of the system.

Security Surveilance Cameras

We offer sales and services in the implementation of CCTV networks both for home and commercial building applications.  Options includes HD cameras, IP cameras or VGA cameras, Digital Video Recorders or Network Video Recorders, various angle cameras, night vision and motion sensor cameras.

Web Technologies

We offer Web development and hosting services. Our server is located offshore , green powered, fast and secured.

We offer design and implementation of websites , facebook pages and other social media platforms that will help you boost your corporate presence.

We will be happy to asssit you in your needs.


We believe in team work and we are working with proficient teams and quality products in our projects. We have international and local partners that would bring out the most advantageous products for our clients.



You can reach us at the following address:
2nd Floor, Guihulngan Mega Market, Guihulngan City


Email your issues and suggestion and the following email addresses:


From Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 18:00, call us at:
+63 (35) 4104052 / +63 955 115 0777


We take your issues seriously. We designate special people for specific projects that we’ve done.


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